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My name is Isaac Aichienede popularly know as DJ Ghana, I am from Edo state I base in Lagos Nigeria I am into musical entertainment industry as a professional DJ.

All my dreams I have always wanted to be a DJ and i started pushing myself into the industry back then in Edo state, but it seems there was no help over there then I decided to move down to Lagos where my sister is, so when I get to Lagos she encourage me because she has already seen it that I really love musical entertainment, then she supported me and here I am today as a professional DJ

Project #1

Project #3

I’m a very gentle guy and I love music, music is what gives me joy and hope when I am sad and I love football but because of my musical entertainment career I have no time for football again, and I love party and all kinds of entertainment as long as there is music, lol I am very emotional I don’t like to see someone crying in front of me that is what breaks my heart the most, course I love everybody to be happy course I am always happy.